General, Minority and Veterans Public Education

The program serves individuals in Houston with severe diabetes, kidney disease, individuals on the transplant waiting list and individuals on dialysis by providing education on the benefits of a kidney transplant versus dialysis and how to secure a living donor. Emphasis is on minority populations, which have higher rates of kidney disease.

The Living Bank works to increase the number of live kidney donors by providing education on living kidney donation through onsite presentations, print, social media and website. Presentations are provided in a wide variety of community, civic, and corporate venues throughout Houston. The Living Bank also provides Pre- and Post-Donation Psychosocial and Practical Issues education at Grand Rounds at the Texas Medical Center transplant hospitals for medical and health personnel.

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Independent Living Donor Advocacy (ILDA)

In 2007, United Network for Organ Sharing mandated that transplant centers appoint a health professional to serve as an Independent Living Donor Advocate (ILDA).

The Living Bank provides three licensed clinical transplant social workers who serve as ILDAs for Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center, CHI St. Luke’s Health-Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center and Texas Children’s Hospital to educate, pre-screen and counsel their living donor candidates, as well as work with altruistic donors (donors without a designated recipient) for Houston Methodist Hospital. Post-donation the ILDAs offer follow-up and counseling to living donors over the federally mandated follow-up period of two-years and as long as needed.

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This initiative provides living donor advocacy services to distant site locations, offering direct face-to-face interactive video communication between The Living Bank’s ILDAs and health professionals, individuals being assessed for living organ donation and follow-up care of living donors.

Independent Living Donor Advocate Network™ (ILDAN™)

In 2012, The Living Bank took the lead and launched the Independent Living Donor Advocate Network™ (ILDAN™) as a professional development training program with continuing education credits.

The ILDAN™ offers resources that provide solutions, collaboration and peer support to nurses, social workers, professional counselors and psychologists serving as ILDAs in transplant centers in the U.S.

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Living Donor Forum

Initiated in March 2015, the Forum provides moderated online support for living donors, giving them the opportunity to connect and communicate with other living donors in a safe environment. The Living Bank’s clinical transplant social workers moderate the Forum.

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Living Donor Champion Program

This program is currently under development and is scheduled to launch in summer 2016.

Lack of education and reluctance to initiate a conversation about live organ donor transplantation is a common barrier to finding a donor. While transplant candidates are often hesitant to discuss their illness, friends or family members are often eager to spread awareness, and are empowered by advocating for the candidates.*

The Living Bank will educate the Live Donor "Champion" and equip them with the knowledge to effectively discuss and raise awareness of living organ donation on behalf of their family friend or loved one in need of a transplant.

* Garonzik-Wang JM, Berger JC, Ros RL, Kucirka LM, Deshpande NA, Boyarsky BJ, et al. Live Donor Champion: Finding Live Kidney Donors by Separating the Advocate from the Patient. Transplantation. 2012 Jun 15; 93(11): 1147–1150."